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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-21
I remember that Bing Xin writer once said,' Let Children Grow naturally like wild flowers'. This is certainly the poet's romantic imagination, but it also carries the hope of children's free and free growth. Therefore, choosing the customization of student schoolbags to make children grow up healthily has become the most concerned topic for parents. However, today's children are not wild flowers, but bear too much burden of schoolwork and study pressure, which inevitably becomes'Flowers in the Greenhouse'. It is understood that Beijing has recently issued 'opinions on further standardizing teaching behavior in compulsory education' to strictly control activities such as evaluating and promoting excellence for students in compulsory education, it is required that the test scores or the enrollment rate should not be used as the basis for rewards and punishments. Standardizing teaching behavior is undoubtedly directly related to reducing students' overweight schoolbags. Relevance'. On February last year, it was reported that the Beijing Municipal Education Commission had issued the 'notice on effectively reducing the heavy burden of primary and secondary school students', including organizations. Selective or unified examination linked to further studies''Strictly control the total amount of weekly class hours'And so on. After a lapse of more than a year, the burden of students was once again reduced in the form of red-headed documents, which not only reflected the urgency of burden reduction, but also explained the difficulty of burden reduction. In fact, this is not only the embarrassment that Beijing has encountered, but the situation is similar across the country: On the one hand, three orders and five applications need to reduce the burden, on the other hand, the burden on students does not decrease but increases, which city can't see the children and parents who drag heavy schoolbags like trolley cases on the streets? The ills of students who are overburdened can not be eradicated by simple administrative orders. For students and parents, even if there are various new regulationsChoose school style'But in various forms'Pushing for admission'It is still repeated. Besides, with good results, I always feel that I have more chips in my hand. From the school and education sector, it will develop achievements and build'Demonstration Middle School''Excellent School' The practice of linking also makes the distribution of educational resources constantly tilted. For a long time, the evaluation system that regards test scores as the only standard is the most direct and fundamental reason for children's heavy schoolwork burden. A theme song of a TV series that is deeply loved by children sings,'Little boy carrying a big bag'' Only one color in spring is too monotonous''We want to have a happy childhood'. . . . . . Indeed, the burden of schoolwork is too much, which is unbearable. This is not only unfavorable to the development of children, but also far from the innovative talents that China is in urgent need during the transition period. Educator Tao Xingzhi once proposed to liberate students' minds, hands, eyes, mouth, time and space. How to liberate? Einstein once said,' When everything I learned at school is forgotten, what is left is education' Therefore, only the choice of student schoolbags can be customized to allow children to grow up healthily and freely. More luggage information'Scan and pay attention'
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