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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-03
Personalized luggage customization is becoming more and more popular and has become the perfect enterprise gift purchasing scheme in many people's minds. At present, bags occupy an important position in the gift market, and most companies choose to customize personalized bags. When looking for a luggage factory to customize bags, the luggage factory usually provides customers with sample bags so that customers can better understand their own strength. So, how to check the quality of the samples provided by the luggage factory? Below, Pesin Outdoor Products Company will tell you the three key points of checking the quality of the sample package, hoping to help you! The first point: check the fabric of the sample bag. The fabric of the bag is varied, and the quality of the fabric directly affects the grade and appearance of the whole bag. Of course, it is also related to the production cost of the bag. Check the fabric of the sample bag, in addition to eye observation, you can also touch it by hand, most of the high-quality and high-grade fabrics have the characteristics of noble vision, soft touch, comfortable carrying, sweat absorption and ventilation. The second point: check the workmanship of the sample bag. When you get the sample bag provided by the luggage factory, you can smell it with your nose first to see if there is any pungent smell. If the pungent smell is strong, generally, the luggage factory uses inferior glue, which is definitely not reliable. In addition, be sure to drag all parts to see if the lines are neat, the seams are firm, and there are no thread ends, so as to distinguish the workmanship of the luggage factory. The third point: check the hardware of the sample bag. Finally, take a closer look at the hardware used in the sample bag. Generally speaking, good hardware luster is bright and thick, without burrs, especially zippers. High-quality zippers feel very good, pull very smoothly, and lubricate a little. If there are spots on the surface of the hardware and a layer of paint is applied, then it is necessary to pay attention. This kind of hardware is very likely to be inferior. The Enterprise looks for the luggage factory to purchase the custom luggage, and identifies the Pesin Outdoor Products Company. Established in 2004, Pesin Outdoor Products Company has rich experience in the design and production of bags, perfect quality control system, excellent product quality, and strives to combine corporate culture with actual needs, realize personalized luggage customization in the true sense! Pesin Outdoor Products Company serves many well-known enterprises, and its Products are widely used in various collars. Good reputation is trustworthy!
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