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Brief introduction of backpack buckle and its characteristics- Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-29
Backpack buckles are an indispensable part of the backpack production process, but many people don't know much about backpack buckles. Today, Pesin Outdoor Products Company has sorted out some relevant knowledge about backpack buckles, let's get to know. Backpack buckles are generally divided into Buckles (Also known as bypass button) , Day buckle, ladder buckle, Hook buckle, rope buckle, in addition to some more special purposes, now introduce the characteristics, use and strength of these fasteners.   1, Buckle  The material selected for the buckle is generally POM (Polyoxymethylene, commonly known as Saigang) PP and NY, The Buckle consists of a male buckle and a female buckle. One end is fixed with a webbing, and the other end can be adjusted by the webbing. The length of the webbing is selected according to different needs, generally used for fixing shoulders and waist. In order to play the role of the buckle more effectively, the production company is also constantly changing, while reducing the weight, ensuring the strength is unchanged, such as v-Type buckle. There are also three-way buckles, that is,'Y” Type buckle, commonly used in baby carriages, taxi seat belts and other safety products. 2, Day buckle    The materials are generally POM, PP, NY. Generally speaking, the Japanese buckle is used on the shoulder strap of the backpack and the shoulder strap of the satchel to adjust the length of the webbing, in many days, the crossbar in the middle of the buckle is designed with stripes, and the two crossbars next to it are enlarged to place their logo, which is almost the same in shape. 3, ladder buckle    Its materials are generally PP, POM, NY, and the function of the ladder buckle is also to shrink the webbing. It is generally used at the tail of the shoulder strap to adjust the close-fitting of the backpack. In terms of ladder buckle shape and functional design, there are not many classics. duraflex's duckbill ladder buckle can be regarded as an immortal classic. 4, rope buckle rope buckle material is generally PP, NY, POM. Using the elasticity of the spring coil, the rope is misplaced, and the rope mouth can be selected with caliber, single hole and double hole, which is suitable for various OO ropes, nylon ropes and elastic ropes. And LOGO can be designed according to customer's requirements. The design of rope buckle is quite different from before. There are many kinds of metal materials. 5, Hook buckle material generally comes from PP, NY, POM. The hook is generally used on the side of the shoulder bag, one side is connected with the d ring, and the other side is connected with the webbing. Many alloying elements have now been added to make the hook more intense.
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