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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-30
At present, many people are on business trips, going abroad, going to school, and traveling. They always have to board the trolley bags, because the trolley case is not only convenient for loading things, but also important for pulling away, bringing a lot of convenience to people. No matter what kind of trolley case, it can provide us with a lot of convenience when using it, but when you don't use the trolley case, you have to carry out maintenance, otherwise, let you be expensive, it is also very easy to break. So, how to maintain the trolley case, what are the maintenance skills? Today, I 'd like to introduce the maintenance skills of luggage case. At present, the materials used in luggage case on the market are mainly cloth, leather, PP, PC or ABS, etc. If properly maintained, it is certain to prolong the service life, usually there are two ways to choose the trolley case maintenance skills. First, it is sent to a professional leather maintenance shop for maintenance. This is of course the best trolley case maintenance skill. The professional cleaning method will add mildew and sterilization drugs, and the washing effect is very good, however, the disadvantage is that the price is high, and it is a bit too heavy for us. Second, do-it-yourself cleaning 1. Neutral detergent is selected for detergent. Clean water or gasoline is not suitable. Gasoline will volatilize the grease in the dermis, thus causing cracks in the dermis. 2. The wiping tool should choose soft dry cloth or soft brush. Soft cloth is used to wipe hard boxes. Soft brushes are used to brush boxes made of cloth. Hard cloth cannot be used to wipe, in order to avoid scratching the leather or scratching the box. 3. Applying glycerin leather luggage case cannot be exposed to sunlight for a long time. Applying glycerin can better keep the color of luggage case, store it in the shade, and prolong the service life of luggage case. 4, the maintenance of hardware accessories, usually we only pay attention to the surface material of the box, and do not pay attention to hardware accessories, if the zipper of the box is broken, it is a headache. Hardware is mainly to prevent oxidation problems, you can apply a layer of white oil or salad oil, and others use candle oil to apply, anti-oxidation effect is also good. The following is a boarding luggage case that we Pesin once made. I hope everyone can like it. Welcome friends who have customized boarding luggage to contact us recently. Tel: 400-0061-690 more luggage topics'Scan and pay attention'
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