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Backpack requirements design customization points to pay attention- Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-22
In the personalized backpack customization industry, many customers will ask the manufacturer to design a backpack for themselves in order to pursue uniqueness, and then carry out proofing, production and other links. The difficulty of backpack design customization is slightly higher. Therefore, in the early stage of communication, the customizer and the manufacturer have to communicate in great detail. Below, pesin Outdoor Products Company Xiaobian will tell you about the requirements of backpack design and customization. Let's learn about it. 1. Whether the manufacturer has a professional design and research team backpack design customization is not so easy. A new design of a new backpack product is very high for the strength of the manufacturer, if the manufacturer does not have a professional design and development team, then the backpack design customization will not be mentioned. Therefore, if the customizer wants to design a custom backpack, it is necessary to carefully examine whether the manufacturer has such strength when selecting the manufacturer. 2, communication must be close, whether the manufacturer designs the backpack style according to the customer's intention or the customer has a backpack design, both parties must communicate closely in this process, in particular, specific communication should be carried out on backpack styles and related material selection, technology, etc. until both parties are satisfied with the proofing, so as not to meet the customer's requirements when the proofing comes out, that is not good for both sides. 3. The design cost should be clearly understood in advance. For most luggage manufacturers, free luggage design can be carried out for customers, but in order to prevent the loss of resources, in the early stage of design, a certain design fee will be charged. According to the difficulty of design, a certain amount of deposit will be returned when the customer places an order. If the design is relatively simple, most manufacturers will still return the deposit in full. For this cost problem, it is best to understand in advance, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstanding. In addition, the style of the luggage designed by the manufacturer is copyrighted, and the customer cannot use the design drawings indiscriminately. The manufacturer will also sign relevant contracts with the customer before helping the design to ensure their rights and interests. Want to design custom fashion bags, recommend Pesin Outdoor Products Company. Pesin Outdoor Products Company is a production-oriented enterprise specializing in the production and sales of luggage, providing personalized luggage customization services such as design customization, production OEM, OEM and ODM for domestic and foreign customers. In more than ten years, Pesin Outdoor Products Company has served more than 3200 enterprise groups, such as Huawei, ZTE, Baidu, chain, etc. , winning recognition and praise from customers!
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