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Backpack customization to find manufacturers, these traps should be careful- Pesin Outdoor Products Compa

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-23
Nowadays, the competitive pressure of all walks of life is very large, and the backpack customization industry is no exception. Each backpack manufacturer is also trying to pick up customers, among them, there may be some unscrupulous manufacturers using unscrupulous means to set up some traps to deceive customers. Therefore, customers with backpack customization needs should pay attention to polishing their eyes and choose a reliable customized backpack manufacturer when choosing the corresponding manufacturer. Below, Pesin luggage manufacturers will tell you about backpack customization to find manufacturers, these traps should be careful, let's take a look. 1. Direct pricing backpack customization price is a very important aspect. The more formal and professional luggage manufacturers, the more cautious the quotation will be. Before there is no real thing, the quotation of the regular manufacturer will explain to the customer that it is a valuation, and will never give a precise price unless there is a real thing. And some bad manufacturers, in order to take the list, according to the picture or customer design plan, directly give a precise quotation, saying that the price is no problem, can do it, etc. , at this time, be careful, if the manufacturer determines the price in the absence of physical objects, it is possible to cut corners in the production process for the order, resulting in a big discount on the quality. Pesin Outdoor Products Company workshop production map ▼ 2, pay attention to the actual strength of the manufacturer, now the internet is so developed, many procurement staff used to find suppliers online. However, the information on the Internet is mixed, and there is no shortage of some bags that are blown away. Whether a luggage factory has the strength or not, you will know it by personal on-the-spot investigation. You should be cautious when you talk, and it is better to say it than to see it. After all, no one will say that their own strength is not good. 3. Pay attention to the delivery period. Regular professional luggage factories will arrange the production plan reasonably and cooperate with the customer's delivery period as much as possible on the premise of ensuring the product quality. However, if there are some unscrupulous manufacturers, it is possible to take the order, and the customer can be delivered within the time period. When you hand over the order to him, it is impossible to fully guarantee the delivery period. Therefore, before choosing a manufacturer, the delivery period must be determined in advance. If there is any case, it is a good way to use the purchase and sale contract to defend the rights. Customized bags, please look for Pesin Outdoor Products Company! Pesin Outdoor Products Company was established in 2004, specializing in custom-made gift bags, which can be customized according to drawings, timely proofing, punctual delivery, excellent workmanship and credit guarantee. Our Company has strong strength, re-credit, abide by the contract, guarantee product quality, with integrity, strength and product quality to obtain the recognition of the industry, won the trust of our customers! I hope I can become your trusted cooperative manufacturer in the future.
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