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Backpack customization manufacturers, why do you want to provide materials and sizes -? Pesin Outdoor Products Co

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-23
In today's popular backpack customization, many enterprises have the demand for backpacks. The wholesale price is higher than the customized price, so many enterprises will choose to find factories or middlemen to customize backpacks. Backpack customization manufacturers, why do you want to provide materials and sizes? Let's take a look at it. First, provide materials, when you send a sample picture to the manufacturer, the manufacturer usually asks you parameters such as size and material. Why does the quotation need to know the material of the backpack? Because shoulder bags usually use more than N materials, the price of each material is different, so it will affect the unit price of the backpack. Manufacturers need to know the material of the backpack, but also to quote a more accurate price. If you don't know the material, or if you only need the style of the backpack, there is no material for the backpack, then you can let the manufacturer recommend it to you, you can design it according to your price budget, it can also be recommended according to your quality or functional requirements, such as waterproof, ultra-light, etc. Second, the size of the supply, the size of the backpack, affects the amount of fabric, thus affecting the cost accounting, the size of the bag, also affects the time of the lathe, thus affecting the work Price, these are all important factors of cost. Why do custom backpacks need to be provided in size? Because when the master is calculating the price, he will calculate the amount of materials, the hourly price, and so on. Therefore, whether it is a custom-made backpack, a custom-made computer bag, or a backpack, etc. , must provide the size to the manufacturer, can be more accurate to quote. In addition, in addition to the basic fabrics, the cost of custom-made backpacks is also the cost of hardware, zippers and other accessories. These accessories have different prices and can be selected by themselves. The cost is transparent. The price of a custom backpack is much cheaper than the wholesale price, but it must reach a certain amount. General factories have a minimum order quantity limit, like our Pesin Outdoor Products Company, the general minimum order quantity is more than 500. In addition, there are some enterprises that need to print corporate LOGO. The production methods of LOGO mainly include silk screen printing, thermal transfer printing, embroidery, glue card, metal label and cloth label, etc. Different production methods, prices are also different. Where are the backpack customization manufacturers looking? Pesin Outdoor Products Company is an industry and trade enterprise dedicated to the planning, design, production and sales of bags and bags, and has built its own luggage factory. Since its establishment, the Company has always adhered to the people-oriented principle and taken innovation as its development power, firmly implement the system innovation, at present the company has a large number of high-quality professionals, backpacks, computer bags, luggage case and other customization experience, can be customized according to customer requirements LOGO, welcome to map sample processing customization!
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