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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-01
Computer briefcases are very frequently used for professionals. Some companies will customize some computer briefcases for employees to facilitate their employees to go out to work. When it comes to computer briefcase customization, pesin Outdoor Products Company Small make up today will give you talk about computer briefcase custom analysis of common problems, together to understand it. 1. The style of the computer briefcase is customized by the computer briefcase. The choice of style can be selected from the manufacturer's existing style or the custom design. It is worth noting that, the cost of choosing the manufacturer's own style is lower than that of the custom-made design. Therefore, when the brand-new style is produced, the manufacturer should re-verify the materials, workmanship, etc, after this series of processes, the cost will increase, so the customization price will be slightly higher. 2, computer briefcase material selection custom computer official documents can choose a lot of materials, enterprises custom computer briefcase, choose the material to have texture, after all, the employee's computer briefcase has to face the customer directly when going out to work. If the material and quality of the computer briefcase are not good, it will directly affect the customer's impression of the enterprise. Therefore, when customizing briefcases, attention should be paid to choosing better materials. 3. The size of the briefcase should be portable. The size of the briefcase should not be too large, otherwise it will be very uncoordinated, generally, the briefcase can be easily placed on the unfolded A4 paper file for the appropriate size. Therefore, when customizing briefcases, you should remember the size and size selection. Don't pursue the capacity too much and choose a larger briefcase, so as not to be able to match it everyday. If you want to customize the briefcase, please look for the Pesin Outdoor Products Company! Pesin Outdoor Products Company is a comprehensive production enterprise mainly engaged in professional design, production, customization and sales of all kinds of luggage, leather goods and Products. From the planning, design, proofing, material selection, production, processing, distribution, after-sales, invoicing and other links to serve customers in the whole process, with real price, excellent quality, good reputation has won praise in the industry and is a trustworthy luggage manufacturer!
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