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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-26
In recent years, the luggage customization industry has flourished and has been favored by large and medium-sized enterprises. However, the purchase share of customized bags in enterprises is only part of the purchase of non-main projects, so many enterprise procurement personnel know very well what aspects should be paid attention to when customizing bags. Although the luggage customization is good, the three details cannot be ignored. 1. Picture inquiry can only be used as a reference price, which is always a sensitive focus in purchasing activities, and is also one of the most concerned points for enterprises when purchasing customized bags. However, if the purchasing personnel only make an inquiry and price comparison with the luggage manufacturer based on a luggage picture or design effect diagram, in fact, this cannot accurately calculate the product price, the business personnel of the luggage manufacturer can only estimate the price and cannot accurately calculate the price by virtue of the picture, so the urgent order business personnel dare not directly accept the order through the proofing process. 2. Proofing quality represents the strength of luggage manufacturers. Powerful luggage manufacturers are very professional in the processes of design, procurement and production, and can produce luggage styles that customers want, even if the customer provides samples for production and manufacturing, the proofing is basically the same as the original. In the luggage material market, the two same fabrics, lining and accessories are not casually matched, which requires professional buyers to have a deep understanding of the material channels, of course, it is necessary to have a good pattern maker to make a good sample. 3, reserve enough production time and time limit for a project luggage customization is a Seiko process, want to ensure the quality of the product, it is best to find the luggage manufacturer in advance, reserve enough production time and construction period for luggage manufacturers, and never press the delivery time too tightly. If it is not a conventional style, the new style must face low production efficiency during the period of workers' adaptation, and all processing techniques and procedures need to be established and adapted, including the sudden problems that must be encountered in the new production, it also needs time to deal with. Objectively speaking, these problems often lead to errors and continuation of the construction period. Pesin Outdoor Products Company is a luggage Company integrating development, design, production and sales. It is committed to providing professional luggage customization services, and one-stop service from product customization to delivery to ensure product quality, reduce product cost, strong technical force, short production cycle, professional process trustworthy!
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