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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-22
If you are a person who loves to be neat and clean, then in your daily life, you must be used to sorting out your own items, even traveling is no exception. For such You, the best choice for traveling is a practical suitcase. Suitcase is one of our commonly used large-capacity luggage tools. Travel suitcases are generally divided into hard suitcases and soft suitcases. So is travel hard or soft? The following is a brief introduction by Pesin, about their advantages and disadvantages. Soft suitcases are common and common in daily life. They are usually made of cloth or leather. Their advantages are light overall quality and convenient carrying, the elastic space is relatively large, it can be stuffed into many objects, it is easier to squeeze into the luggage rack, and the shock capacity of the soft suitcase is relatively strong. The disadvantage is that zipper design is mostly used on the side, and there may be a risk of box explosion if there are many stuffed objects, and soft materials are more vulnerable to extrusion than influence, and the objects are at risk of extrusion Damage. There are many kinds of soft suitcases with complicated styles. You can choose a combination of portable suitcases with travel backpacks, or you can choose a travel bag with wheels and straps. Hard luggage case is made of aluminum alloy or plastic. Its advantages are impact resistance and collision resistance. It can well protect fragile products in the case. It has excellent extensibility, dimensional stability, chemical corrosion resistance and strong water resistance. In the bad weather environment, don't worry about rain flowing into the box. If the items you want to carry are not squeezed, the hard suitcase is the best choice. The disadvantage is that it is heavier than a soft suitcase, inconvenient to carry, and the elastic space is fixed. The quality of long-distance suitcase wheels must be good, no matter how uneven the road surface can be controlled, of course, it must be light enough and the space must be large enough, so as to be practical enough and not to become a burden on your journey. Whether it is hard or soft in the suitcase, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a suitcase, it is best to make a decision based on your own conditions, so that you can be intoxicated with the beauty of the journey, you can also enjoy the convenience brought by the suitcase. If you want to customize suitcases in large quantities, you can choose Pesin Outdoor Products Company. Pesin Outdoor Products Company has been focusing on luggage customization for more than ten years and can make high-quality hard or soft suitcases for customers, good brand, trustworthy!
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