A meaningful presence in IBS 2020

IBS 2020 was held in Las Vegas this time. It started on Jan21,2020 and attracted a great number of people from different countries and regions. We attended the exhibition and had a well-decorated booth at No.9.2L. The exhibition ended on Jan 23, 2020. The exhibition has provided Quanzhou Pesin Outdoor Products Co., Ltd with a great interactive environment. We have met and talked with many innovators, potential customers, and so on, bringing us one step closer to them. In this fully immersive environment, we have successfully gained a wider exposure to the public.

Our newly-developed and popular product - tactical backpack deserves to be presented to the public. So, we made our decision to introduce the product to visitors at the exhibition. We constantly improve and upgrade technologies for the high-efficiency manufacturing process of the product. Technologies such as tool bags are applied, which has been proved to be successful. tool bags and tactical bags Widely used in the field(s) of hardware, garden, DIY, tactical, the product is valuable and worth the investment. At the exhibition, customers could know the product in a more intuitive way. We were glad to receive those positive or negative comments on the product so that we could improve it in a better way. Luckily, over 90% of the comments were positive. Some said the product was designed uniquely while others praised that it was characterized by stability, safety, and functionality.

IBS 2020 is famous for its having the largest collection of products and services in the field(s) of hardware and tactical insudtry. It mainly gathers a large number of manufacturing companies, retailers, suppliers, purchasers, and so on from different countries and regions. Since its opening, the exhibition has been held for several sessions. It was held in a well-equipped indoor exhibition hall which can hold tens of thousands of people. The statistics show that thousands of orders were made at the exhibition.

Since established, we have always been in strict compliance with international standards and high ethical standards, thus offering customers highly reliable products. We have always been following the business principle of 'honesty & integrity', which ensures that the most credible services are delivered to every customer. If you are a seller for our products or seeking opportunities for valuable investment, never hesitate to contact us.
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