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6 details that must be paid attention to when purchasing bags

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-20
6 details that must be paid attention to when purchasing bags the size, weight, type, inner plate, rear wheel, fabric, etc. are all factors that you must consider when purchasing bags. Pesin gives you some advice from a buyer's point of view, including size, weight, type, inner panel, rear wheel, fabric and other common sense of purchase, if you buy bags or want to know about bags, you can use them as reference knowledge for purchase. 1. Luggage size and weight, for example, a student ticket to the United States can bring at least one boarding box and two consignment boxes. The size of the boarding box is: the sum of length, width and height shall not exceed 115 (There is generally no problem within 120); Generally, the weight is not limited. The size of the consignment box is: the sum of length, width and height shall not exceed 158; Weight: the weight of each box is controlled below 23kg (Including Box weight) Some airlines, such as the Northwest, are 32 kg, you can refer to how to buy a cost-effective trolley case. The size of the luggage is also a decisive factor in determining the capacity of your luggage, so it must be considered when purchasing. In addition, the weight of the luggage is determined according to its material and size, of course, the best result is both light and good quality. 2, luggage type 158cm box is generally 30-inch suitcase or 30-inch trolley case; We usually choose a 30-inch suitcase because it is easy to carry. 115cm boxes generally choose 20-inch trolley case. 3. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of inner plates for pull rod bags: steel plates and IPS plates (Or other plastic or synthetic plates). The quality of the steel plate is the best, but the box is also the heaviest; IPS board material can also be used, but it is easy to break. It is recommended to buy a suitcase with built-in steel plate, which is not easy to break. Note: It's not that the lighter the box, the better. Too light a suitcase is easy to break. Because of the material problem, don't care about that. 5 kg, a solid suitcase can bring comfort and comfort to your journey. 4, suitcase rear wheel, this is a very critical part: many manufacturers produce products, the rear wheel is exposed, it is easy to be damaged by the road. In general, the half-pack rear wheel is more protective of the box, more durable, and slightly more expensive. But it can be used longer and is also easier to use. 5, luggage fabrics, different materials of fabrics, luggage leather goods effective maintenance methods are not the same, the price is also different. When choosing a box, not only look at the style and price, but also consider durability. ABS box is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant, suitable for long-distance travel. Pp box is resistant to high temperature and the lightest weight, suitable for long-distance travel. Eva box is mainly light in weight and good in toughness. It is suitable for short-distance travel. The built-in, appearance, fabric, box lock, zipper and other details of luggage case can also be referred to here. 6. Whether other handles feel comfortable. Whether the lock Group is flexible. Whether the pull rod is intact and whether it is used smoothly. Whether the quality of the lining is good, the hand feels smooth and not easy to tear. The six details described above basically cover all aspects of luggage, if you can pay attention to it when purchasing, then the luggage you finally bought must be suitable for your own luggage. If you want to know more about luggage or check more styles of luggage, you can visit Pesin's official website: http://www . Azy288. COM
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