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2014 11th session of the Quanzhou luggage exhibition | Enterprise News information | bags custom of shoulder computer bag of shoulder bag of Rod bags of bag custom-built Quanzhou pesin Outdoor Pro

by:Lzdrason     2020-08-13
According to, China box includes network information 11th session Quanzhou International luggage exhibition will in May 16 this year to 18 day in World Expo Exhibition Hall grand held, the exhibits cover luxury brand leather goods, foreign trade bags and leather goods handbags, bags and handbags accessories, bags and handbags machinery and equipment and other fields. Exhibition Name: blse 2014 11th session Quanzhou International luggage leather goods handbags, exhibition when between: May 16, 2014-Place on the 18th: Quanzhou World Expo Exhibition Hall (No. 1099 Guozhan Road, Pudong, Quanzhou) Organizers: Quanzhou Leather Technology Association and Quanzhou Textile Business Association. It is understood that this exhibition has received great repercussions in the industry, anhui bags and leather Association, Yiwu bags Association, Pinghu bags and leather industry association, Baigou bags and leather Association, Xinji leather Association and 'bags and leather' magazine and other industry associations and professional media have organized delegations to participate in the exhibition, famous brands at home and abroad have paid close attention to this exhibition. Up to now, there have been AISI China, diplomats, dragons, playboys, Ginza, rookies, Aimei and Boke • Domestic and foreign luggage and leather brands such as Walker, woodpecker, ambassador, Heirloom, ATTOS, Jolly Bags, etc. will sign up for the exhibition, and each brand will display a full range of products, with a large and luxurious exhibition lineup. The above are mainly domestic and foreign luggage retail brands. As a luggage customization enterprise, Pesin Outdoor Products Company is a professional luggage customization manufacturer integrating product design, production, sales and after-sales, with rich experience in luggage customization. It is expected that the number of professional visitors to this exhibition will exceed 100 thousand.
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